5 Best Android Apps for Cellphone Wi-Fi Booster

cellphone wifi booster

Do you experiencing a bad and a weak wi-fi signal on your cellphone. Installing a wi-fi booster can be the best solution for you. If you do not have more budget for purchasing any wireless wi-fi booster device, then you have to try the android apps wi-fi booster for your cellphone. There are many wi-fi booster apps can be tried to boost your weak wi-fi signal. And here are 5 best apps for cellphone wi-fi booster that really worth to try.

Fresh Network Booster

The Fresh Network Booster is one of the best apps that really worth to try for boosting and extending your bad wi-fi signal on your cellphone. This wi-fi booster app can give you a boosted wi-fi signal for a better network connection and also a better data speed when you connect to the internet. You do not need too worried about installing this app since it can freely download on the Google Play Store, launch it and you will receive a better wi-fi signal speed for your cellphone.

Network Booster Free

There are many cellphone wi-fi booster apps can help you to improve your weak or bad wi-fi signal with a free download. A Network Booster Free is one of the best wi-fi boosters for your cellphone that should be tried. This app works boosting your cellphone signal by renewing your signal to cellular tower or site and broadcast the better wi-fi signal reception. It is an effective and also affordable app that can give you a great boosted wi-fi signal that can be used for areas with a bad wi-fi signal or even for the dead spots.

Wi-Fi Analyzer

Another best wi-fi booster for a cellphone is the Wi-Fi Analyzer that is also free to download from the Google Play. A Wi-Fi Analyzer is really helpful to give you a better wi-fi signal speed. You can use this app to choose the best channels to connect for avoiding the overlapping with other wi-fi connections. This app is also easy to use whether you are in a public area with a lot of wi-fi connections. Just check and choose the best channels with fewer users at the channel graph for a great wi-fi signal.

Network Signal Speed Booster

Similar to its name, a Network Signal Speed Booster is certainly designed to boost and improve the signal quality of your cellphone. This app is also kind of simple and easy to use that connects the cellular tower from your current location. You just download it at the Google Play Store, launch the app, and watch the signal bars rise to a higher signal speed. Just try to launch this app for your cellphone for free.

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