Free Wi-Fi Booster Apps for Your Devices

Having a weak and unreliable wi-fi network can be frustrating. Don’t worry! there is a simple way to resolve this problem without spending more budget. With the help of free wi-fi boosters apps, you can easily and affordably improve your wi-fi signal better and stronger. There are some free apps can be downloaded and used to improve your wi-fi network coverage. Here are 5 free apps for wi-fi booster that really worth to try.

Wi-Fi Manager

Wi-fi manager is one of the top wi-fi booster apps that can use to discover the wi-fi network in your area to pick the least cluttered channel for your own network. This wi-fi booster is really convenient for an easy to use booster app on your smartphone while it lacks feature. This free wi-fi boosters app can be freely downloaded on your Google Play Store. With installing this wi-fi manager you can get a faster and stronger wi-fi network for your home or office. If you want to install this wi-fi booster, make sure that your smartphone is compatible with Android 6 or newer Android system.

Wi-Fi Analyzer

It is similar to the wi-fi manager, you can choose the wi-fi analyzer app to find nearby wi-fi network coverage for improving your existing wi-fi signal easily. The wi-fi analyzer can be downloaded from Microsoft Store and works on all of the Windows 10 operating systems.


If you are looking for a free wi-fi boosters that affordable and easy to use, Netspot may be your favorite choice. With many professional and powerful features on it, you can optimize the performance of any single wi-fi network.  The Netspot works with two wi-fi analysis modes, they are quick scans and in-depth surveys.


Wireshark is another type of wi-fi booster apps that free and open source. With powerful features and complex tools, the Wireshark is commonly used by IT professionals and network administrators for network analysis or network troubleshooting. It can be difficult and challenging if you use this Wireshark, so it is necessary to find more information or even online tutorials about how to use this app correctly.

Acrylic Wi-Fi Home

Another free app for a wi-fi booster that can be tried is the Acrylic Wi-Fi Home. This free app is easy to use with a graphical overview of the wireless activity in your area. Acrylic Wi-Fi Home capable to draw signal by scanning 802.11/a/b/g/n/ac networks on 2.4 and 5Ghz wireless frequencies for Windows, like MAC address, and Encryption.

When you are challenging for getting a strong and a stable wi-fi signal for your devices, whether is your laptop, tables, computers or even smartphones, you have to try free wi-fi boosters apps for an easy, simple and affordable to use. There is numerous type of free app to boost your wi-fi networks coverage like Wi-Fi Manager, Wi-Fi Analyzer, Netspot, Wireshark and Acrylic Wi-Fi Home. Just choose the best ideal wi-fi booster app that compatible with your router for the best wi-fi network coverage.

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