What is A Wi-Fi Booster and Type of Wi-Fi Booster?

Did you ever hear about wi-fi booster? And did you know what is a wifi booster, it’s functions and also it’s the type? Nowadays, people choose to install this wi-fi booster to extend their wi-fi signal effectively. It becomes a smart choice when there are dead spots or dead zones in your home if you have a low signal connection or even you want to get a fast and stable wi-fi signal on the outside of your house. Get to know anything about the wi-fi booster before you decide to install it for your devices.

What is a WiFi Booster?

A wi-fi booster can be defined as a wireless range extender that can extend your wi-fi signal. This booster will help you to boost the wireless signal when your wi-fi signal is low or even there is no signal at all. It works by pulling and amplifying the wireless signal from the router, then transmitting it into the entire spaces with a stronger connection for your wireless devices, such as laptops, tablets and also smartphones.

What are the Types of WiFi Boosters?

Selecting the best wi-fi booster types commonly depends on your router locations and the spot or areas when you need to boost your wi-fi signal mostly. There are two types of wi-fi boosters that can be selected, wired wi-fi boosters and wireless wi-fi boosters. Both of them are actually a good choice since they improve your signal network.

•    Wired WiFi Booster

Wired wi-fi boosters become a brilliant choice if you choose strong signal connection for a fast speed without lag or even disruptions. The work of wired wi-fi booster is connecting to the existing coaxial cable to boost your wireless network areas with has low signal. The wired connection gives a strong wi-fi signal even you are in a dead spot or crowded wi-fi transmitting. But, it can be not practical since you need cables to install it. If you want to get a more practical and easier way to extend your wi-fi signal, the wireless wi-fi booster may be a good choice.

•    Wireless WiFi Boosters

A wireless wi-fi booster can be a more practical and easier way to extend your wi-fi signal. You do not need any cable or wirelessly to install this wireless wi-fi booster. The wireless wi-fi booster is mostly designed with a setup button for automatically connecting to your router. It’s easier to boost your wi-fi signal with this wireless wi-fi booster without worrying about your long wi-fi password. Just place this wireless wi-fi booster on a good spot where it can transmit your router signal for a stronger network signal.

 Installing a wi-fi booster is a great choice for extending your wi-fi signal at ease. If you want to install a wi-fi booster, it is important to know what is a wi-fi booster before. And there are two types of wi-fi booster that can be selected, wired wi-fi booster and also wireless wi-fi booster. You can choose the type of wi-fi booster that you want depends on your needs, such as the router location, your home design or the size of your home.

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